Mrs Kerr is our Every Child a Reader (ECAR) teacher, helping to inspire every child to develop a love of reading and be successful. She has sent the children this message:

Hello children

I’m finding lots of stories for you to read with me! You might have read some of them before but some will be new. Some books may be a bit tricky for you. If it is a bit tricky then listen to me reading the story first and then play it again and try to join in. It is good to read books a few times, it helps us to enjoy the stories and spot new things in the pictures. I am really pleased that we can read together, even when we can’t be at school. 

With lots of love, 

Mrs Kerr 


 The Bears and the Magpie Green Level

The Bears and the Magpie

 At the Zoo – Red Level

At the Zoo_171x240

 Kitty Cat Plays Inside – Yellow Level 

Kitty Cat Plays Inside_304x240

Can You See It? – Yellow Level 


can you see it_320x186

  To The Moon – Red Level

To the Moon_283x240


Little Zebra  Red Level

Litte Zebra_285x240


Who Is Under There? – Green Level

Who is under there

 Father Bear Goes FishingRed Level 

Father Bear Goes Fishing_320x227

Pippa and the Flowers Yellow Level 

Pippa and the Flowers_283x240


Grumpy Old BearBlue Level

Grumpy Old Bear_284x240


 A Windy DayBlue Level

A windy day

 Where Are We Going? – Yello Level

Where are we going

 Sam’s Super FamilyYellow Level

Sam's Super Family


 A Pet To Play WithRed Level

A Pet to Play with

This ‘read with me’ books shows you how to make a cut up sentence with your grown-up

 Meg’s Messy RoomRed Level

Meg's Messy Room

This ‘read with me’ books shows you how to make a cut up sentence with your grown-up

 Hippo’s BirthdayGreen Level 

Hippo's Birthday

 Jess and Joe Go To The DentistYellow Level

Jess and Joe Go To The Dentist_283x240

 Monkey and MeRed Level 

Monkey and Me_239x240

 Little SpookOrange Level

Little Spook_171x240 

 Baby Dinosaur is Hiding – Yellow Level

Baby Dinosaur is Hiding_187x240

The Banana Spider – Blue Level

The Banana Spider_306x240

 What do I look like? Red/Yellow Level 

What do I look like_238x240

 Flip the Flamingo Blue Level

Flip the Flamingo_171x240

 A Big Box of BananasBlue Level

A Big Box of Bananas_240x240

 Bob’s CabRed Level 
Bob's Cab_171x240
The Tale of the TurnipOrange Level 

The Tale of the Turnip_240x240

Stone SoupOrange Level 

Stone Soup_161x240

 Sam Goes to SchoolYellow Level 

Sam goes to School_304x240

The House on the HillBlue Level

The House on the Hill_240x240

 Look at Me!Yellow Level

Look at Me!_240x240

 EEK! Look at This!Red Level 

EEEK! Look at This!_283x240



Jolly Roger, the PirateYellow Level

Jolly Roger, the Pirate_304x240

The Big Mud PuddleYellow Level 

The Big Mud Puddle_189x240

Look Out for BingoYellow Level 

Look Out for Bingo_304x240