Look at the beautiful rainbows our creative children have been creating to brighten everyone up and show support for our fabulous NHS staff.

Stanford Children at school –

top playground!

Stanford Rainbow_320x240

Bertie, Lagoon Class
Bertie, Lagoon Class_180x240
Lola, Lagoon Class and Woody (4), Macy (1.5)

Lola, Lagoon Class & Woody(4) and Macy’s (1.5)_180x240

Maisy, Palace Class

Maisy, Palace Class_320x180

 Emilie, Ocean Class

Emilie, Ocean Class_320x240

Arthur, Lagoon Class
Archie, Ocean Class_320x240

Ava, Dolphin Class

Ava, Dolphin Class_320x240

Miss Whittington, School Office

Miss Whittington, School Office_253x240

Stanley, Lagoon Class

Stanley, Lagoon Class_250x240

Archie, Ocean Class


Henry B, Dolphin Class

Henry B, Marina Class_360x480

Burdoch, Lagoon Class and Beatrix, Ocean Class

Burdoch, Lagoon Class and Beatrix, Ocean Class_360x480

Robbie, Palace Class and Amelia, Ocean Class

Amelia and Robbie_180x240

Anais, Marina Class
Anais, Palace Class_320x240
Antonis’, Ocean ClassAntonis' rainbow_180x240 Maisy, Dolphin Class

Maisy, Dolphin_601x800

 Arthur, Pavilion Class

Arthur, Pavilion Class_576x768

Henry, Marina Class and George, Lagoon Class

Henry and George 1_180x240

Lily, Ocean Class

Lily, Ocean Class_600x450  Lily's heart_576x768



Jack, Marina Class

Jack, Marina Class_320x227

 Phoebe, Pavilion Class and Lois, Ocean Class

Lois and Phoebe_180x240

Matilda, Palace Class


Joni, Ocean Class

Jon in Ocean Class_180x240

Ava, Regent ClassAva, Regent Class_180x240
 Wilfy, Dolphin Class

Wilfy, Dolphin Class_240x240

 Preston, Dolphin Class

Preston, Dolphin Class_320x240

Mabel, Palace Class

Mabel, Palace Class_320x240

 Indy, Pier Class

Indy, Pier Class_320x219


 Eva, Pier Class

Eva, Pier Class_319x240

Elliot, Lagoon Class

Elliot, Lagoon Class_320x239


Henry M, Marina Class

Henry M, Marina Class_153x240

Mrs Wicks, Regent & Alex Class

Mrs Wicks 1_180x240 Mrs Wicks 2_135x240

 Juniper, Alex Class

Juniper, Pier Class_180x240

 Evelyn, Regent Class

Evelyn, Regent Class_180x240

 Lola, Alex Class


 Elena, Dolphin Class

Elena, Dolphin Class_180x240

Nia, Marina Class

Nias Rainbow_320x224