Hello children, we are loving seeing the creative ways you are approaching your home learning – we thought it would be nice to share some of these with everyone.

 Lana’s Puppets, Pavilion Class Lana's Puppets, Ocean Class_320x240 Antonios’ Lego Bird Feeder, Ocean Class

Lego Bird Feeder - Antonis Ocean Class_320x240

Jack’s Electricity Sparks, Marina Class

Electricity Sparks_180x240

 Lola’s Rainbow Cupcakes, Regent ClassLola Regent Class 2_320x180
Lola’s Wash Mitten, Lagoon Class

Lola Lagoon Class_320x240

 Lily’s Animal Antics Film, Ocean Class

Lily's Animal Antics_320x155

Caitlin’s Shoe Art, Palace Class

Cailtlin Shoes 1_180x240Caitlin Shoes Picture 2_320x240

Oscar’s Shoe Art, Lagoon Class

 Oscar Lagoon Class_320x240

 Ivy’s Shoe Art, Lagoon ClassIvy Lagoon Class_320x240

Zoe’s Big Dot Pattern, Lagoon Class
Zoe Lagoon Class_180x240

 Jack’s Big Dot Pattern, Marina Class Big dot patterns, Jack Marina Class_320x240

Ava’s Big Dot Pattern, Dolphin Class
Ava Dolphin Class_180x240

Ivy’s Big Dot Pattern, Lagoon Class
Ivy Lagoon Class BDP_320x240

Oscar’s Big Dot Pattern, Lagoon Class
Oscar Lagoon Class BDP_320x240

Lily’s Big Dot Pattern, Ocean Class
Lily Ocean Class_180x240

Joni’s Big Dot Pattern, Ocean Class

Joni Ocean Class_180x240


Lola’s Big Dot Pattern, Lagoon Class

Lola Lagoon Class BDP_320x240

 Bertie’s Story Ending, Lagoon ClassBertie Lagoon Class_320x240  Anton’s Writing, Marina Class Anton Marina Class 2_195x240
 Sam’s Story Ending, Marina Class Sam Marina Class_320x180

 Rahimeen’s Story Ending, Lagoon Class

Rahimeen Lagoon Class_320x240

Emily’s Harry Potter Story, Pavilion Class
Emily Pavilion Class_320x240

  Bruno’s Story Ending, Ocean Class

Bruno Story Ending Ocean Class_320x240


Caitlin’s Writing, Palace Class

Caitlin Palace Class_180x240



Lana’s Tinga Tinga Tale, Pavilion Class

Lana's Tinga Tale illustration (3)_320x240
Lana's Tinga Tale illustration (2)_320x240

Lana’s Tinga Tinga Tale Illustration, Pavilion Class

Lana's Tinga Tale illustration (1)_320x240