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Stanford Infant School

Year 2

Year 2's Vision:

To provide and promote enthusiasm, kindness, respect and interest in learning. Creating stimulating and focused learning environments where all children are engaged and inspired to learn and grow, becoming independent confident learners.

What Year 2 looks like at Stanford Infants: 

  • Learning Journeys that are engaging and exciting, teaching key skills and knowledge.
  • Excellent displays reflecting the learning.
  • Established and effective use of buddies, learning partners, lollysticks and experts.
  • Working Walls building up the learning in steps.
  • Independent learners in free flow activities.
  • Use of purple polishing to edit and improve.
  • Independent use of stuck strategies: Brain, Board, Book, Learning Partner, Grown Up.


Check out what goes on in Year 2 over in our  gallery!


Top 20 Books

Click on the image below for a list of the Top 20 books we're enjoying! 

Phonics & Early Reading

Click on the logo below to visit the Little Wandle Parent page for lots of useful information about our phonics and early reading programme. 





For information on how to support your child's learning at home, click here.

Spring 2

home learning grid around the world in 80 days 2.pdf


year 2 curriculum overview for spring 2 2.pdf


knowledge organiser y2 spring 2 2.pdf


Letters Home (newest to oldest)

Year 2 Family Letter (Spring 2)


Spring 1

year 2 curriculum overview for spring 1 2.pdf


y2 spring 1 knowledge organiser around the world in 80 days 2.pdf

 Mexican Feast Recipes

Letters Home (newest to oldest)

Year 2 Family Letter (Spring 1)


Autumn 2

autumn 2 home learning grid fire fire.pdf

year 2 curriculum overview for autumn 2 2.pdf

knowledge organiser autumn 2 fire fire.pdf

 Letters Home

Christmas Events & Arrangements Letter 2023

Year 2 Autumn Family Letter

Autumn 1

autumn 1 home learning grid patchwork quilt.pdf


autumn 1 curriculum information patchwork quilt 2.pdf

knowledge organiseryear 2 autumn 1 the patchwork quilt.pdf

 Letters Home

Autumn 1 Family Information