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Stan the Elf

Christmas Fun at Stanford Infants!

Stan is our very own Christmas Elf. Each year, he travels to Brighton and Hove from the North Pole in time for the 1st December to see all of his friends at Stanford Infant School. Stan enjoys causing mischief and joining in with Christmas activities.

Adventures of 2023!

Day 1 - I'M BACK! I arrived on Friday 1st December from the North Pole and brought a whole load of snow with me. I can't wait to see all of my Stanford friends... watch this space to see what I get up to :) 

Adventures of 2022!

I'm back! I have missed my Stanford friends and am looking forward to welcoming all of my new Reception friends this year. Check in each day to see what I have been up to!

Day 1 - I was so excited to return to Stanford Infants, what fun I have with all my Stanford friends! I caught the North Pole Express straight there on the 1st December and met my old friend the Green Mouse on the way. I have unpacked all of my things and will be busy creating Christmas craziness over the coming weeks... just look at what I did to the Office!

Day 2 - All of the children were so busy with their learning today, I had to find something to keep me entertained! I have always enjoyed bowling, although back home at the North Pole we use snowballs and candy canes. 


Day 3, 4 & 5 - I had a fantastic weekend doing lots of Christmas crafts, decorating the office corridor and exploring the school. Today I am busy writing letters to Santa. I am letting him know how wonderfully nice all of the Stanford children and grown-ups are!

Day 6 - Like I said, I spent most of the weekend crafting... pop into the School Office to see what I have created!

Day 7 - I have been practising my football skills today, I think I would make a great goal keeper! I am looking forward to England's game on Saturday and will have great fun watching on the big screen in the School Hall - it's coming home!

Day 8 - I felt like exploring today so I left my usual spot and decided to zip wire along the Christmas lights!

Day 9 - Not ideal... I've been trapped by Rudolph! Rudolph has always been Santa's cheekiest reindeer, I thought this visit would be fun but I have ended up trapped. Hopefully I can escape before the weekend, I've heard there is a Christmas market!

Day 10 - I managed to escape from Rudolph's trap! I loved exploring the Christmas Market, Santa was even visiting too - I've missed him so much! Here are some of the teachers being brilliant Elves! 

Day 11 - It's my last weekend here so I thought I'd take it easy today, big plans for the next few days, so I've decided to keep my energy for the week ahead. 

Pinning the nose on Rudolph!

Day 12 - GAME TIME! I had a great time trying to pin the nose on Rudolph - that will teach him for keeping me trapped all day! 


Day 13 - Goodness me, the school shows have been so amazing! Year 2 and Year 1 have already performed their amazing songs and Reception are up tomorrow! I decided that it would be best to watch from side of stage... Don't think anyone noticed me! 


Day 14 - Got to keep those Reindeer fed - it won't be long before I'm heading back North so I suddenly realised I needed to keep my ride happy. 

Day 15 - Another game for me. This time I fancied playing a bit of Twister! I didn't realise how tricky it would be to spin the wheel once I'd already put my hands on Blue and Yellow! 

Day 16 - HEHEHE!! One last cheeky hoorah! I've been watching the teachers closely and finally figured out how to work the photocopier. I thought that everyone would like to keep these as souvenirs when I go back home... Speaking of, I'll soon be off! 


BYE EVERYONE! Until next year....

2021 Adventures!

I had great fun during my first week back at Stanford Infants. It was wonderful to see all of my Stanford friends again! Here’s what I got up to… 



Goodbye to all my Stanford Friends! I will see you next year… 

2020 Adventures!

2019 Adventures!