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Stanford Infant School

Growth Mindset

At Stanford Infant School we have two characters who teach the children about successful learning behaviours - 'The Green and the Grey Mouse'. 

The Green Mouse is in a growth mindset; embraces challenges, perseveres, is resilient and courageous. The Grey Mouse is in a fixed mindset; avoids challenges, gives up easily and is effortless. The children learn that their brain is a muscle that needs exercise, how it grows by making new connections, and how we learn by practising and improving our skills.


We encourage all children to think like the Green Mouse - embrace and be excited about new learning and new experiences and want to learn more! 

We begin the academic year with Learning to Learn Weeks (Years 1 & 2). Children discover how we learn and exploring different learning styles/ways of learning.

Here is the story of 'The Green and the Grey Mouse': 

updated the story of the green mouse and the grey mouse 2023.pdf

We ensure that learning is a memorable experience for every child.

The mice are referred to regularly with the children to encourage them to reflect on successful learning behaviours.

 We will encourage all children to develop positive learning behaviours/powers:

  • Be curious
  • Concentrate
  • Have a go
  • Be co-operative
  • Collaborate in their learning
  • Use your imagination
  • Don’t give up
  • Keep improving understanding that ‘practice makes progress’
  • Enjoy learning

At the beginning of a Learning Journey, a Mind Map is created by the class to allow everyone to think about what they already know, share new ideas, ask questions, and plan what they want to learn about next. The Mind Map is used to come up with new ideas and planning what comes next. A Mind Map is made up of words, colours, lines, pictures. The Mind Map can be added to during the course of the Learning Journey.

We introduce all our children to ‘Just Right’ – to enable them to learn what regulates them and be ready to learn. It also enables them to begin to recognise when they are not feeling ‘Just Right’ and equips them with strategies to help them get back to feeling ‘Just Right’ and ready to learn.


Never tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footsteps on the moon” - Paul Brandt


The approach is  based on the research of Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck, professor of psychology at Stanford University.