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Stanford Infant School

Golden Choices

Our Values

At Stanford School, we have a set of Golden Values, which are based on fundamental principles that everybody who works and learns in the school can understand and uphold. These values are part of everyday life, so it is good to reinforce them at home too!

These are our Golden Values in school:

✓ We are friendly

   ✓ We are respectful

✓ We are creative

     ✓ We are courageous

When these are upheld, we are proud!

Our ethos is shared through a safe and happy learning environment that promotes a culture of creativity, mutual respect, improvement, diversity and equality. 

We believe that it is important to celebrate our values and being Team Stanford!


Golden Choices – When and How?

Golden Choices takes place on a Friday morning for approximately 30 minutes, straight after our celebration assembly – there are more grown-ups in school in the morning who are able to offer a ‘Golden Choice’ and it is seen as an important part of the school week, rather than just a rusty old time at the end of Friday afternoon. It is a real community event, with children across the school celebrating our positive ethos.

Each grown-up in the school offers an activity – these are very wide-ranging!


The Golden Choices for this half term are as follows:

  • Den Building
  • Still Life Drawing
  • Brilliant Bikes
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Loads of Lego
  • Salt Dough
  • iPads
  • Parachute Games
  • Archery
  • Creative Chaos
  • Let’s Get Cooking
  • Film Making
  • Football
  • Electricity Sparks
  • Climbing Frame/Gym Equipment
  • Big Dot Patterns
  • Music
  • Dance Party
  • Magical Maths

In the Autumn Term, Reception design their own version of golden Choices to get the children used to mixing between their classes before they are part of the whole school celebration from the Spring Term onwards.

As you can see, there is a wide range of exciting and enriching activities for the children to select from and look forward to. Obviously, each club has a different limit on numbers according to the support each child may need to access the club, for example, more adult support will be required with children learning to sew or cook than those playing games.

We are sure you can appreciate that it is no easy task co-ordinating 270 children’s wishes; however, we do try our best and if they don’t receive their first choice during a half-term, they are top priority for the next. This also reinforces resilience; with children managing their feelings and being pleased with the activity offered to them.

All of the activities on offer develop independence, problem-solving, optimism and social connection. It is lovely to see the children mixing with other children across different year groups and the Year 2 children being positive role models and helping the younger children.

The Golden Choices will change each half-term, constantly shining it up to make it a truly sparkly time! Updates on the choices on offer each half-term will be communicated through our fortnightly Newsletter.


Golden Values have a very high profile and we will be celebrating the school’s positive relationships every Friday morning. Please talk to your child about their ‘Golden Choice’; we are sure they will be excited to tell you about it! 

Want to experience the fun of Golden Choices for yourself? Take a look below!

Golden Choices