A family-friendly version of the School Development and Improvement Plan for 2019-2020 can be found by clicking on the link below. This provides a snapshot of the priorities for the school over the academic year, based on a rigorous evaluation of the priorities, data, feedback, etc., from last academic year. The SDIP is primarily a working document for use by the school, celebrating achievements and detailing aspirations for the year ahead. The full SDIP is over 30 pages long and therefore a challenge to condense into one; if you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to ask to see a copy of the full version! The aspects highlighted in green detail areas that parents/carers identified as ways forward or areas input would be encouraged and therefore we would welcome your feedback throughout the year on how we have improved in these areas! The five key words were chosen by children and staff of words that celebrate our school and are incorporated into our vision.

Family-Friendly SDIP!

Links to copies of letters detailing exciting whole-school activities can be found below:

Stanford Infant School – Going Home Arrangements!

Learning to Learn Week Letter 2019

Children’s Questionnaire 2019 Analysis

Parent/Carer Questionnaire 2019 Analysis

Menu Change 24.09.19

Espresso at Home

Your Space Therapies Flyer

October half-term activities flyer

Children’s Mental Health Matters Flyer 

Anti-Bullying Week Letter to Families 2019

Golden Choices at Stanford Infant School 2019

Christmas Menu 2019

School’s Wellbeing Service Christmas Phone Line Offer 

Pedestrian Safety Improvements – Works Notification 

Maths Workshop 2020

Diary Dates for Academic Year 19-20 – updated 14.02.2020

Relationships and Sex Education Consultation Letter – invite to be part of a focus group – 14.02.20 

World Book Day Letter 2020


Diary Dates for Academic Year 19-20 – updated 06.03.2020

Updated Guidance re Coronavirus for families 16.03.20

Update & Home Learning Letter – 19.03.20

Letter in response to Government Announcement – 18.03.20 

Maintaining Educational Provision – 20.03.20 

Key Worker Educational Provision – 20.03.20

Letter to the Children – 20.03.20 

Letter to the Children – 24.04.20

Brighton and Hove Chat Messaging Service 

Child’s Eyes Safeguarding Poster 

Covid-19 Advice for Parents/Carers 

Family Letter – 1.05.20

BHSP Letter to Families 

Family Letter – 11.05.20

FSM Eligibility – May 2020

Family Letter – 15.05.20

Family Letter – 22.05.20

Explorers for the Global Goals – 22.05.20

Family Letter re: re-opening – 1.06.20

Family Letter re: wider reopening – 8.06.20

Letter from the LA

Arrangements for wider school opening

Keeping Safe and Happy Values

Letter from the LA – 10.06.20

Staffing and Classes from September 2020

Stanford Infant School Term Dates 2020-2021

Black Lives Matter Letter – 3.07.20

Hove Partnership Statement regarding September

Class of their Own Holiday Club

Arrangements for September 2020