We strongly encourage our children to wear our simple uniform to encourage a sense of belonging and pride in the school.

School Uniform

      • Green sweatshirt and /or green fleece with embroidered school badge. (These can only be purchased from School Office).
      • Plain grey or black ‘school’ trousers, shorts or skirt or plain grey or green tracksuit trousers
      • Summer school dress i.e. green and white check or stripes
      • White, short sleeved ‘polo’ type top (A 100% cotton polo shirt with school badge can be purchased from the school office)
      • Book bag – A green waterproof bag with school badge for carrying reading books back and forth between home and school. (These can be purchased from the school office)


PE Kit

      • White short-sleeve T-shirt (A 100% cotton T-shirt with school badge can be purchased from the school office) and plain green, white or black shorts.
      • Plimsolls (for the summer term)
      • PE bag – Green drawstring bag with school badge (These can be purchased from the school office)

Uniform items can be purchased throughout the year from the school office.

For more information and an up-to-date price list please ask at the school office.

Children should wear ‘proper’ school shoes rather than trainers and we would strongly discourage you from allowing them to wear open-toe sandals to school as their toes can easily be hurt in the very busy playground.

For younger children, particularly Reception, please try and send your child to school with shoes that fasten with Velcro and not shoe laces. Shoe laces can easily come undone and this can be dangerous in a crowded playground. It also takes valuable teaching and learning time for us to do them up time after time!

It is vital that every item of uniform is named!

It can be very difficult to identify individual sweatshirts from the yogurt stains left from lunch – and believe us we’ve tried!

You can pay for and “click and collect” your school uniform online using our Teachers2Parents software! Access the site using this link https://www.schoolmoney.co.uk and enter your password which you will have received in an email.