Music at Stanford Infants


The children are very excited about sharing their music recordings with you at home. The recordings are not “Perfect-Perfect” and we always discuss how we could have made them even  better with more time, but I hope they will give you all a taster of what the children have got up to in their 30 minute weekly music lessons. They do very well!


Year 2

November 2018

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We have been listening to an exciting orchestral piece called “Short Ride in a Fast Machine” by John Adams. This is one of the pieces from the BBC 10 Pieces DVD.

Here is the clip showing the orchestra playing;

Here is the recording;

Short Ride in a Fast machine by John Adams;

(Performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales)

When we first listened to the piece we tried to imagine what type of fast machine we were in, the children came up with so many different ideas; they were very imaginative!

We then discussed how the woodblock kept a steady beat throughout and how the other instruments all played their melodies and rhythms around the woodblock.

We then created our own class versions of the “Fast Ride” piece.

We split the class into x3 teams and we all swapped around so that every child played in each team. We recorded the third version.

Here are the teams;

1.The Woodblocks keeping a steady beat.


2. The Tambourines playing a repeated rhythm. (Ta-te, Ta-te, Ta-te, Rest)





3. The Xylophones playing pentatonic tunes that fitted in with the steady beat of the woodblocks .


The children did brilliantly and really concentrated so as not to let the other teams distract them .

Here are the Class recordings;

Ocean Class;

Pavilion Class;

Regent Class;




October 2018

Tiradentes, Brazil. June 02, 2007. Puffer Steam Engine-locomotive. Vintage Railroad in Tiradentes, Minas Gerais, Brazils-l300

The Year 2 children have been listening to an amazing piece of music called “The Little Train of The Caipira “ by a Brazilian composer called Villa Lobos. In this piece the orchestra is made to sound like a steam train on a journey through the Brazilian jungle. There is even an emergency stop which the children loved !

We thought of all the different reasons that the train might have had to stop suddenly.

Here is a recording of the piece:

Bachianas Brasilerias No 2 by Villa Lobos performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

In the music lessons we then tried to recreate the sound of the steam train using the percussion instruments that Villa Lobos used ;


440601000000000-00-220x220     Maracas-download-6

Claves-                                                                      Cow Bell-download-10

Epstein-CL We practiced starting slowly, getting faster and then slowing down at the end. Some groups even worked out how to do an emergency stop!

We then composed our own class versions of the train journey through the jungle. One team were the train and the other teams were representing what we could see out of the windows.

We had Tree Frogs,



an Anaconda,


a Tarantula


and a Waterfall.


We even had enthusiastic actors for each class to narrate our train journeys.

Here are the recordings;

Ocean Class Train Ride;

Pavilion Class Train Ride;

Regent Class Train Ride;