Music at Stanford

(June 21st 2018- Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for our Whole School Learning Journey Music recordings.)

February 2018

The children are very excited about sharing their music recordings with you at home. The recording are not “Perfect-Perfect” and we always discuss how we could have made them even  better with more time, but I hope they will give you all a taster of what the children have got up to in their 30 minute weekly music lessons. They do very well!


March 1st962301fe5732359e76eb048d8aa1e602-lossy

The reception children have really enjoyed recreating the Three Little Pigs story with songs and sound effects and here are the results. I will let your children explain what instruments we used for the Straw, the Sticks and the Bricks.

Pier Class Three Little Pigs Story;

Palace Class Three Little Pigs Story;

Alex Class Three Little Pigs Story;

March 15th 2018

The reception children have been busy learning the “Princess Song”. We have acted it out in lessons and today we all sang the story together with some instruments to add the sound effects ! DSCN0561


Next week we are going to act it out again but swapping the roles…having a princess rescuing the prince!

May 24th 2018- DOWN ON THE FARM 


The children have been very busy learning the song “Down On The Farm” and we recorded it today in the hall. They have really enjoyed clapping the the special rhythm in the chorus !



Year 1

Pirate Ship_Rough Seaspirate7Pirate-Parrot

Year 1 have been exploring all the different sounds that the classroom instruments can make. We listened to this sound clip of a pirate ship is a storm and then tried to re-create the sounds with the classroom instruments.

download Here are the instruments that we used. The “Thunderer” and the rain makers were very popular.

The children did really well and especially enjoyed adding the pirates’ voices!

Here is Lagoon Class and their Pirate Storm:


Here is Marina Class and their Pirate Storm;:

Here is Dolphin Class and their Pirate Storm:

March 8th

Year 1 Singing The Pirate Song by Lin Marsh

The Year 1 children have really enjoyed learning this song about Pirates and we recorded the song today. They were extremely professional and sang their hearts out !

In the chorus we pretended to be pirates…so you can hear some fierce sounding voices for the Yo-Ho-Ho sections!!

March 15th 2018

Year 1 have been busy learning how to play the Glockenspiels and Xylophones this term in Music. We have learnt how to hold the beater correctly and how to “Bounce” the beater on the middle of the note bar to make a good sound.

We have learnt to sing and play a traditional song called “Apple Tree” . This is a particularly good song for the children to start learning the glockenspiel/xylophone with as it only uses three notes.

To help the children pitch the correct notes we use the “Tonic Sol Fa” scale  (Doh, Ray, Me scale as used in The Sound of Music !) The notes we use for this song are Soh , Me and Lah and there are hand signs to go with each note;

    Lah- DSCN0560               Soh- DSCN0558                   Me – DSCN0559

We use these notes on the tuned percussion instruments too….”Lah”- A, “Soh” – G and “Me”- E and then the children can remember the tune easily.


Here are the recordings of each class performing. We had to all concentrate really hard to make sure we played and sang the right notes. I hope you can hear from the recordings how well the children did!

We sang the song, then sang using the Sol-fa notes, then played and sung and lastly just played the tune !

Dolphin Class singing and playing Apple Tree;

Lagoon Class singing and playing Apple Tree;

Marina Class singing and playing Apple Tree;

Marina Class just playing the tune;

March 29th – GRUMPY PIRATE !!   11160263-grumpy-pirate

The Year 1s have been busy composing new lyrics for our Grumpy Pirate Song…..they needed to think up how we could cheer the pirate up and then make the words fit the tune. There were lots and lots of fabulous ideas and the children voted for their best verses in class and we recorded them in the music room.

Strangely enough feeding the pirate lots of chocolate seemed to be a very popular way of cheering him/her up !!

Here are the results;

Dolphin Class- Grumpy Pirate verses;

Marina Class- Grumpy Pirate verses;

Lagoon Class- Grumpy Pirate verses;

We then we all came together in the hall today and each class then voted for their favourite verse from their class set and we put them all together in one long song. We recorded the whole song this morning after our Easter Bonnet Assembly so the children did really well to keep their concentration going right to then end!

Year 1 singing Grumpy Pirate all together;

Here were the winning verses ! ;

Marina Class- Give him some chocolate when he’s hungry…..

Dolphin Class- Sing her a song to make her happy…..

Lagoon – Give him a  pair of rainbow glasses…….


Jack selling cow for beansCross Mum throwing Beans out of windowJack Climbing beanstalk Jack and the Beanstalk Jack and the BeanstalkGiant Chasing JackJack and giant on baenstalkJack Climbing down beanstalk3Jack_and_the_Beanstalk

Year 1 have been busy using the classroom instruments to add sound effects to the Jack and The Beanstalk story. We spent a lot of time making sure we all understood which way to play the xylophones to make the sound “Go Up ” and “Go Down” to go with the beanstalk growing /Jack climbing up and then with jack climbing down . We worked in teams and each team had a narrator and a different section of the story to tell. We used the pictures above to help the children remember the story.

The children did really well !

Here are the recordings;

Marina Class Jack and The Beanstalk Story

Lagoon Class Jack and The Beanstalk Story

Dolphin Class Jack and The Beanstalk Story


Year 2

Bonnie_Prince_Charlie_by_John_PettieFlora Macdonald *oil on canvas *74 x 61 cm *signed verso: Ramsay pinxit anno 1749

Bonnie Prince Charlie                                                                                                                                                   Flora Mac Donald

Flora Macdonald leads the Young Pretender to safetydownload-1

Escaping to the Isle Of Skye                                                            Here is the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Year 2 have learnt to sing and play the Skye Boat Song on the glockenspiels and xylophones. We study this Scottish folk song when the children are studying the UK in their ‘Around the World’ Learning Journey and it is always a favourite! We learn about the song and how it tells the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie, disguised as a serving maid, escaping  in a small boat after the defeat of his Jacobite uprising at the Battle of Cullodan in 1746 with the aid of Flora MacDonald.

Here are the lyrics to the song;

Speed, bonnie boat, like a bird on the wing,
Onward! the sailors cry;
Carry the lad that’s born to be King
Over the sea to Skye.

Loud the winds howl, loud the waves roar,
Thunderclaps rend the air;
Baffled, our foes stand by the shore,
Follow they will not dare.


Though the waves leap, soft shall ye sleep,
Ocean’s a royal bed.
Rocked in the deep, Flora will keep
Watch by your weary head.


The children learnt to sing the notes as they played so you will here them singing as they play:


D E D G G A B A D’ B A B E E D-   x2

B G B B- A E A A- G E G G G E-    x2

I have recorded the children playing the glockenspiels and xylophones. There were two groups in each class so the children were either in group 1 or group 2 ..hopefully they will remember which group they were in! To be able to play this song on tuned percussion at the age of 6 and 7 is very impressive , so you should be very proud of your children!

Here are the Ocean Class group 1 children playing:

Ocean Class group 2:


And Pavilion Class group 1 children playing:

Pavilion Class group 2:


Regent Class group 1s playing:

Regent Class group 2s playing:


Here are ALL the Year 2’s singing the Skye Boat Song together in the hall. They were extremely professional and sang their hearts out for the recording!


Feb 22nd 2018Kookabura

The children have learnt the Australian song Kookabura to link in with their ‘Around the World’ Learning Journey and this week in music we learnt to play an “Ostinato” on the xylophones and glockenspiels to accompany the song. An ostinato is a simple repeated pattern that keeps repeating.

“Kookabura sits in an old gum tree,

Merry , merry king of the bush is he,

Laugh kookabura, laugh kookabura,

Gay your life must be”

Here are the children singing Kookabura as a round. We split into two groups and started singing at different times…it was very hard not to be distracted by the other group but the children did brilliantly. We had three children from each class playing the ostinato on xylophones to accompany us.

Feb 23rd 2018

The Year 2 Children were really lucky today. Donna Maria, the percussionist  from the Brighton Philamonic Orchestra came into school to give a workshop. Here are a few photos of the children who got to play the instruments and of Donna Maria in action!


The Brighton Philamonic Orchestra are holding their annual  open rehearsal for children on Sunday 25th March at the Dome from 10.15 -11.00 am. This is always a wonderful FREE event and we have always had lots of Year 2 Stanford Infants children coming along. Because we are the only Infant school that is invited we usually get to sit right behind the orchestra in the choir stalls and so the children get a really close up view of the orchetstra ! Last year a pupil from our school was so impressed by the Harpist in the Brighton Philamonic that she decided that she wanted to learn to play the harp….and is now having lessons!

I will be giving all the Year 2s a flyer about the Open Rehearsal on Tuesday and places can be booked via Carly in the office.

The Orchestra will be performing movements from “The Carnival of the Animals” by Saint Saens at the rehearsal so I will be sharing this wonderful work with the children in their lessons at school.

Here is a copy of the flyer that the children will be given on Tuesday next week.

Kids Flyer


               Djembe                   Djembe 2 Djembe 3 Djembe drums


The Year 2s have been busy learning to play the African Djembe Drums. We have been really lucky and have be able to borrow enough extra drums from the Music Service to create a class set.

We have learnt how to play a deep sound by hitting the middle of the drum with a flat hand and then a higher, quieter sound by hitting the edge or rim of the drum.


We created a “Groove”……..a series of rhythms all joined together which we had to remember in the correct order.

Here are the children performing the Groove in the hall today :

We also learnt to accompany some African songs with the Djembe Drums.

Here are the children singing and playing Nanuma, a traditional Ghanaian greeting song;


Here are the children singing and playing Che Che Koolay a  call and response children’s song from Ghana;




Taj Mahal

As part of our Free To Be whole school learning journey we have been celebrating Diversity in Music. For the last two weeks we have been focussing on India and it has been lovely to hear from the children who have family connections with India and from those children who have been there.

The children heard a very shortened version of the Ramayana , the story of Rama and Sita, and I showed them all my shadow puppets.

Rama and Sita

The whole school have been learning an Indian song called Raghupati Raghava Rajaram which celebrates Rama and Sita .

Here is the version we listened to in class. It is performed  by Vadya Lahari and is from “Music Of the Word ” CD, PO Box 3620, Chapel Hill, NC 27515 USA


Here are the words to the song in Hindi;

Raghupati Raghava Rajaram,

Patita pavana Sita Ram,  x2 

Sita Ram, Sita Ram,

Bhaju pyare mana Sita Ram, x2

Ishwara Allah Tere Nam,

Sab Ko sanmati de Bhagavan. x2

Raghupati Raghava Rajaram,

Patita pavana Sita Ram,  x2 

(Repeat last line x 3)

Today we recorded all the Year 2s performing the song together followed by the Year 1s. The children were brilliant and did really well especially as they were all singing in Hindi ! We have all learnt some Indian dance style actions to go along with the song and the Reception Children sang the whole song through with actions today with me as well . What Stars!

SitarSitar 2

We used the keyboards to create the drone sound of the Indian Sitar.

We used the drums to create a steady beat. 



And the Indian Bells to play a rhythm ostinato throughout the song – (Ta -Te Taa)

Indian Bells


Here are the Year 2s singing Raghupati Raghava Rajaram

Here are the Year 1s singing Raghupati Raghava Rajaram