Music at Stanford Infants

The children are very excited about sharing their music recordings with you at home. The recordings are not “Perfect-Perfect” and we always discuss how we could have made them even  better with more time, but I hope they will give you all a taster of what the children have got up to in their 30 minute weekly music lessons. They do very well!

Springtime Parade! 


April 9th 2019

The Children really enjoyed singing the “Spring Chicken” song this morning all together . Here is the recording. Sadly my digital recorder cut out on the the last verse but your children will be able to finish the song off for you at home  !! …..Surprise, Surprise!!! …….



March 7th 2019

We all came together today in the Hall for our annual parade of costumes and we sang our “Book Song”. The children were brilliant and sang their hearts out…here is the recording;


March 2019

Traditional Tales

March 21st


We have been learning the Sleeping Beauty story through song  and the children have enjoyed choosing the right instruments to help make the sound effects . We acted the story out this week and swapped the roles so that we had the prince being rescued by the princess!

Today we sang the whole song together and here is the recording;


March 7th




We have been busy telling the tale of the Three Little Pigs through songs and instruments .

We chose to use the Maracas to play the sound of the straw house being built;


The claves for the stick house being built;


And the drums for the brick house;


The children have enjoyed making their voices change from high to low to represent the little pigs and then the wolf.

Here are the class recordings;

Pier Class Three Little Pigs Story;

Palace Class Three Little Pigs Story;

Alex Class Three Little Pigs Story;

February 2019


Since starting school the reception children have been introduced to the instruments in the music room, they have been taught how to hold them properly so that they can produce a good sound and we have played lots of listening games. The children can now name the instruments and recognise them from their sounds only.


To finish off the “Space” learning journey we have created a “Sound Picture” that represents a journey through space . The children have enjoyed using the instruments to create a piece of music. The children were put into teams to represent the different elements in outer space and then we pretended to be on a journey in a rocket . We used this picture to help us create the sound picture;

Space Journey

We used the keyboard to make a sound representing the sun.

This sound went all the way through our journey and

got louder and quieter as we progressed through the Galaxy!

Sun Keyboard

We used the cymbals to represent the planets;

Cymbals Planets

We used maracas and egg shakers to represent the dust clouds;

Dust Clouds Maraca

We used triangles to represent the big stars;

Triangle Big stars

We used the indian bells to represent the small clusters of stars;

Small stars Indian bells

We used the drums to represent the meteorites and asteroids;

Drums Meteorites

When we recorded our journeys the children had to be quiet and really concentrate so that they played their instruments at the right time. They were amazing, they were all so focussed!

Here are the recordings;

Palace Class Space Journey;

Pier Class Space Journey;

Alex Class Space Journey;

We all agreed that having the keyboard playing all the way through made it sound exciting!


Year 1

March 2019


The year 1 children have been working very hard for the past few weeks learning how to play the xylophones and glockenspiels in the music room.

We learnt an easy song called Apple Tree that only uses three notes- Soh , Me and Lah and then learnt to play the song on the tuned percussion instruments , using the notes G, E and A .


The children have learnt how to hold the beater properly so that it “Bounces” and makes a good sound and we have also practiced using our hand signs to sing the song ;


DSCN0611                                                                Here is the hand sign for “Soh”.


Here is the hand sign for “Me”.


Here is the hand sign for “Lah”.

We have recorded the children singing and playing the song this week , each class have performed the song three times; just singing, then singing the sol fa names and playing the instruments and then, the hardest thing to do, which was singing the Apple Tree words and playing the notes. Your children were brilliant and most of the the children managed to do the last version !

Enjoy the recordings;

Dolphin Class;

Lagoon Class;

Marina Class 1;

Marina Class 2;

February 2019





In their class music lessons we have been busy creating sound pictures to represent a pirate ship caught in a stormy sea. We listened to recordings of a stormy sea and then the sounds of a big old schooner ship caught in a storm and then experimented with the classroom instruments to try and recreate the same sounds .

Here are the instruments that we used to create our sound pictures;

Wind drums

We scraped our fingers on the drum skins and found that it sounded really like the wind!

Rain makers

We used the rainmakers to make the sound of the rain – that was an easy decision!

Ocean DrumMaracas Sea

We used the ocean drum and maracas to make  the sound of the sea. We tried to work as a team and create the sound of the big waves crashing onto the ship.

Creaky Ship

We used these unusual African instruments to make the sound of the creaky ship.

Each class then thought of what the pirates would be shouting on board ship if there really was a storm and we added voices to the sound pictures to make it sound more realistic ! The children were very proud of the recordings;

Dolphin Class Pirate Storm;

Lagoon Class Pirate Storm;

Marina Class Pirate Storm;



As part of their Learning Journey the year 1 children have learnt to sing The Pirate Song by Lin Marsh. They have done really well and we recorded them all singing together this morning in singing assembly . They were super professional and sang their hearts out , you will be very proud of them!

Here is the recording;


Year 1s singing The Pirate Song;



Year 2

April 2019


Djembe drumsDjembe 3Djembe 2Djembe

We have been learning to play the African Djembe Drums in our music lessons this term and the children have been fantastic. We have learnt to play a “Groove” which is a series of different rhythms all strung together in a pattern. There were NINE different sections in the groove we recorded, so the children had to remember a lot !

Here is the recording of all the Year 2s in the Hall today performing the “Groove”.


We have also learnt a Welcome song from Ghana called Nanuma which is really fun to sing. We have learnt to sing this as a round as well but today we recorded it just sung as a group.


Our third song today is an echo song from Ghana called Che Che Koolay. We have sung this twice with the beat being twice as fast for the second time . The children enjoyed the “Rumble” at the end, this is when we play a fast roll on the djembe drums and get gradually louder and louder !


February 2019



A Kookaburra bird from Australia.

We have learnt the traditional Australian song Kookaburra and the children have enjoyed singing it as a round .

Today we used the xylophones to add a simple ostinato pattern to accompany the song. The children had to keep playing C-G-C-G over and over whist the rest of us sang the tune. It was very hard not to get distracted.

We recorded the children singing today and if you listen closely you can hear that we split into two teams and sang it as a round half way through.

Year 2s singing Kookaburra;


January 2019

United Kingdom

We have been busy learning to sing and play the beautiful Scottish Folk Song “The Skye Boat Song” . It is tradition now for the children at Stanford Infants to learn this as part of their Learning Journey “Around the World in 80 days” when they are focussing on the UK .

The song tells the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie escaping to the Isle of Skye with the help of Flora MacDonald in 1746 after his defeat at the  Battle of Culloden.


Bonnie_Prince_Charlie_by_John_PettieFlora Macdonald *oil on canvas *74 x 61 cm *signed verso: Ramsay pinxit anno 1749Flora Macdonald leads the Young Pretender to safety


Bonnie Prince Charlie                   Flora MacDonald                                      Escaping on the boat


The Isle of Skye

Today, I recorded the children singing the song all together in the hall. They were super professional and sang their hearts out ! Here is the recording;


We have been learning to play the tune on the xylophones and glockenspiels and many of the children have taken the music home to practice which is wonderful ! Some have even taught themselves to play the tune on the recorder ! Amazing , especially as we have only really learnt to play two notes so far in their recorder lessons ! What good learners your children are.


These are notes that are needed to play the tune; DE GAB D’ .


Here is the music for the recorder or keyboard.

We recorded the children playing on the glockenspiels, xylophones and children have even taught themselves to play it on the keyboard – what amazing “Green Mice ” your children are!

Ocean Class playing Skye Boat Song;

Regent Class playing Skye Boat Song;

Pavilion Class playing Skye Boat Song;



November 2018

On the Move

cartoon-man-driving-fast-car-royalty-free-stock-photos-rhdhuawdownload images-1 images


We have been listening to an exciting orchestral piece called “Short Ride in a Fast Machine” by John Adams. This is one of the pieces from the BBC 10 Pieces DVD.

Here is the clip showing the orchestra playing;

Here is the recording;

Short Ride in a Fast machine by John Adams;

(Performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales)

When we first listened to the piece we tried to imagine what type of fast machine we were in, the children came up with so many different ideas; they were very imaginative!

We then discussed how the woodblock kept a steady beat throughout and how the other instruments all played their melodies and rhythms around the woodblock.

We then created our own class versions of the “Fast Ride” piece.

We split the class into x3 teams and we all swapped around so that every child played in each team. We recorded the third version.

Here are the teams;

1.The Woodblocks keeping a steady beat.


2. The Tambourines playing a repeated rhythm. (Ta-te, Ta-te, Ta-te, Rest)





3. The Xylophones playing pentatonic tunes that fitted in with the steady beat of the woodblocks .


The children did brilliantly and really concentrated so as not to let the other teams distract them .

Here are the Class recordings;

Ocean Class;

Pavilion Class;

Regent Class;




October 2018

Tiradentes, Brazil. June 02, 2007. Puffer Steam Engine-locomotive. Vintage Railroad in Tiradentes, Minas Gerais, Brazils-l300


The Year 2 children have been listening to an amazing piece of music called “The Little Train of The Caipira “ by a Brazilian composer called Villa Lobos. In this piece the orchestra is made to sound like a steam train on a journey through the Brazilian jungle. There is even an emergency stop which the children loved !

We thought of all the different reasons that the train might have had to stop suddenly.

Here is a recording of the piece:

Bachianas Brasilerias No 2 by Villa Lobos performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

In the music lessons we then tried to recreate the sound of the steam train using the percussion instruments that Villa Lobos used ;


440601000000000-00-220x220     Maracas-download-6

Claves-                                                                      Cow Bell-download-10

Epstein-CL We practiced starting slowly, getting faster and then slowing down at the end. Some groups even worked out how to do an emergency stop!

We then composed our own class versions of the train journey through the jungle. One team were the train and the other teams were representing what we could see out of the windows.

We had Tree Frogs,



an Anaconda,


a Tarantula


and a Waterfall.


We even had enthusiastic actors for each class to narrate our train journeys.

Here are the recordings;

Ocean Class Train Ride;

Pavilion Class Train Ride;

Regent Class Train Ride;