Due to the unique times we are all facing, we have developed Home Learning activities for you to complete with your child at home. This information will also be circulated via SchoolPing.

We have got workbooks, pencils, etc. that we can send home with your child in the event of full closure, alternatively, you can collect these from the School Office from Friday.

Click on the image below to be directed to a copy of Daily Timetable, which you could use and adapt. We are creative with our planning; therefore, this is just a guide. PLEASE NOTE, this is only a guide for those who would like it and certainly not what we are expecting you to do!

Daily Timetable

Year 1 Home Learning Spring 2 2020 – click here to be directed to a paper copy of the activities. 


Reading – please continue to read with your child daily for at least 10 minutes – please click here to see a copy of the Year 1 ‘Top 20’ Texts 

Continue reading and writing the common exception words.



Retell the story of Handa’s Hen to your home grown-up.

Write a story where Handa meets 3 different African animals while looking for Mondi.

Steps to Success:

Sentences should begin with capital letters, include finger spaces, and end with a full stop.

Children should use at least one adjective to describe each animal. Eg: the hairy lion, the tall giraffe

Children should use conjunctions in the middle of some of their sentences (and, but, because).

Verbs that end with _ed or ­_ing should be spelt correctly (looked, started, looking, starting)


For each of these sounds children should be able to read and write the words and identify the sounds in the words:

  • Alternative spellings of the ‘oy’ sound:

E.g.: boy, enjoy, toy, soil, toilet, noisy.

  • Alternative spellings of the ‘r’ sound:

E.g.: running, rain, terrific, horrible, wrap, shipwreck

  • Alternative spellings of the ‘ar’ sound:

E.g.: party, car, calm, half, after, rather

  • Alternative spellings of the ‘s’ sound:

E.g.: so, sun, face, police, horse, loose, listen, whistle, hissing, missing.

  • Alternative spellings of the ‘ear’ sound:

E.g.: clear, year, deer, cheer, here, sphere, pier

  • Alternative spellings of the ‘sh’ sound:

E.g.: shine, gosh, chef, parachute, action, information, special, delicious.

  • Alternative spellings of the ‘air’ sound:

E.g.: hair, fair, bear, tear, share, square, their, where, there

Phonics Play has free access during this period

Username: march20

Password: home


Practice counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s.



Splitting an amount into equal groups. Eg 10 = 5 groups of 2 etc

Repeated addition. 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2



Equal sharing

Click on the link below to be directed to further Maths activities:

Maths Fluency Grid


Task: Sort animals into groups.

Steps to Success:

Be able to identify the features of:

  • Reptiles – scales, (mostly) lay eggs, cold-blooded, lungs, skeleton.
  • Fish – scales, eggs, gills, fins, cold-blooded, skeleton.
  • Amphibians – smooth skin, cold-blooded, skeleton, gills when born (eg tadpoles) but develop lungs.
  • Mammals – fur or hair, warm-blooded, live babies, milk, skeleton
  • Invertebrates – no legs or more than 4 legs, no internal skeleton, some have hard exoskeletons (insects, crustaceans), some have soft exterior (slugs, jellyfish).

Children should be able to group animals using these features and explain their reasoning.

E.g.:    I know the tiger is a mammal because it has fur and is warm blooded.

I know the crocodile is a reptile because it has scales and lays eggs, but has lungs to breathe air.


Task: learn the countries of the UK and their capital cities.

Steps to Success:

Recognise the UK and be able to locate it on a world map.

Identify the four countries that make up the UK: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.

Locate and name the capital cities: London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast.

Identify each of the countries’ flags and the union jack.

Religious Education

Task: learn the story of Passover.

Steps to Success:

Be able to retell the story of Passover either verbally or in writing.

Finally, the link below provides links to fun websites and games.

Espresso Home Learning