We are taking part in Healthy Eating Week between 10th-14th June!

Please visit https://www.foodafactoflife.org.uk/5-7-years/activity-packs/bnf-healthy-eating-week-2019/ to view the resources available to support Healthy Eating Week 2019!


Kicking off #BNFHEW19 with our first challenge – Have breakfast every day! We’re including wholegrain foods, one of our 5 A DAY and an unsweetened drink! #HaveBreakfast @Foodafactoflife

Breakfast  Breakfast `


Challenge 2 of BNF Healthy Eating Week – Have 5 A DAY. We’re aiming to have at least five portions of a variety of veg and fruit each day this week #5ADAY #BNFHEW19 @Foodafactoflife


5 a day  5 a day 2


Challenge 3 of BNF Healthy Eating Week – #DrinkPlenty. Stanford Infant School is making sure they stay hydrated! #BNFHEW19 @Foodafactoflife

Drink Plenty  Drink Plenty 2


We have been enjoying the BNF Healthy Eating Week challenges this week! Time for another – today. Stanford Infant School is GETTING ACTIVE! #GetActive #BNFHEW19 @Foodafactoflife

Get ActiveGet Active 1


We are on our 5th and final challenge as part of the BNF Healthy Eating Week! Today is the day we pledge to MAKE A CHANGE to our eating or activity habits. We want to make sure we maintain some of the positive things we have learned this week! #BNFHEW18 @Foodafactoflife

Make a Change 1  Make a Change 1