We are taking part in Healthy Eating Week between 11th-15th June!

Please click on the grid below to be directed to the Powerpoint Presentation where you can navigate the resources. Simply ‘play’ or ‘show’ the presentation slide (as you usually would), and then click on the hyperlinks to find the resources you need!



Kicking off #BNFHEW18 with our first challenge – have a healthy breakfast every day! We’re including wholegrain foods, one of our 5 A DAY and an unsweetened drink #BNFHEW18 @Foodafactoflife 

Breakfast  Breakfast `


Challenge 2 of BNF Healthy Eating Week – Have 5 A DAY. We’re aiming to have at least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables each day this week #5ADAY #BNFHEW18 @Foodafactoflife

5 a day  5 a day 2


Challenge 3 of BNF Healthy Eating Week – #DrinkPlenty. Stanford Infant School is making sure to stay hydrated! #BNFHEW18 @Foodafactoflife

Drink Plenty  Drink Plenty 2


We have been enjoying the BNF Healthy Eating Week challenges this week! Time for another – today Stanford Infant School is GETTING ACTIVE! #GetActive #BNFHEW18 @Foodafactoflife

Get ActiveGet Active 1


We are on our 5th and final challenge as part of the BNF Healthy Eating Week! Today is the day we pledge to MAKE A CHANGE to our eating or activity habits. We want to make sure we maintain some of the positive things we have learned this week! #BNFHEW18 @Foodafactoflife

Make a Change 1  Make a Change 1