The role of the Governors is to oversee the management of the school. The members of the Governing Body are drawn from parents, staff and the wider community.

Governors work with Senior Leaders in the strategic development of the school and in raising standards of achievement. Duties include setting the school’s vision, aims & objectives, approving the school budget and appointing the Head Teacher. The functions of a Governing Body are described in detail in the DfE’s Governance Handbook.

Governors must both support and challenge the Head Teacher, so need to gain an understanding of the school’s overall performance in order to explain its decisions and actions. They do this by attending regular meetings, carrying out school visits and meeting with senior leaders. They also attend training in order to keep up to date with the requirements of their role. Governors work as a team and make collective decisions.

The Full Governing Body meets at least twice a term to discuss the performance and management of the school and agree policy decisions. Working Groups meet as required.

On this page you can find:

  • Governors Information Pack, including details of any Governor Vacancies
  • Details of the Governing Body
  • Full Governing Body Minutes
  • Finance & Staffing Committee Minutes
  • Record of Attendance

If you are unable to find the information you’re looking for, please contact the School Office or email the Clerk.

Governor Newsletters

Governor Newsletter Spring Addition 2018

Governor Newsletter Summer Addition 2018

Governor Information Pack

The Governing Body currently has one vacancy for a Local Authority Governor.

The Governing Body:

The Governing Body consists of the following members. If you would like to know more information on each of the Governors, including the date of their appointment, any register of interests and Governor Committees, you can find it on the Governing Body Members Page.


James Bates Co-opted
Catherine Bradley Parent
Stuart Clark Parent
Kirsti Cox Parent
Natasha Cruse Co-opted
Madeleine Denyer Head Teacher
Damian Fisher Co-opted Chair
Elizabeth Lyle Parent
Holly Lomasney Co-opted
Wil Mackintosh Co-opted  Chair of Finance Committee / Vice Chair
Jane Peckham Associate Member
Emma Remnant Staff
Tanya Grimshire Governor in the last year


Minutes of Meetings:

Minutes of the Full Governors’ and Finance & Staffing Meetings will be posted here once they have been approved and signed by the Governing Body at the next meeting.

SIS Full Governing Body Minutes 2018-2019

SIS Full Governing Body Minutes 2017-2018

SIS Finance & Staffing Minutes 2018-2019

SIS Finance & Staffing Minutes 2017-2018



Record of Attendance

The Constitution of Governing Bodies in Maintained Schools (August 2015) requires Governing Bodies to publish individual Governors’ attendance at meetings in the last year.

Please click here to find Governor Record of Attendance at FGB and Finance Meetings in 2017 – 18.