We operate a system of Class Representatives. Each class has two reps to act as another form of communication between the school and our families; we will ask for volunteers at the beginning of each academic year.

The reps have termly meetings with Miss Denyer, Head Teacher. This is a forum to feedback the views and ideas from each class and for the school to enlist opinions on various aspects of school life. The objective of the Class Representatives is to facilitate positive and effective two-way communication between our families and the school, providing a channel for communication, feedback and suggestions for improvement. The Terms of Reference for the role of the Class Reps can be viewed here.

Please read our School Communications Code of Conduct.

We have developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document which provides responses to the most commonly raised questions at Class Rep Meetings. Class Reps will direct parents/carers to this document, as these items will no longer be raised at meetings. Please note, some of the responses are pre-Covid!

Class Rep FAQ Document 2019

Our next meeting takes place on Thursday 28th January @ 9:30am. Please let your class reps know if you have any comments/suggestions/ideas to be raised at the meeting; thank you.

Minutes of meetings for the year 2020-2021

Class Rep Minutes 3.12.20

Class Rep Minutes 15.10.20

Minutes of meetings for the year 2019-2020

Class Rep Minutes 24.10.19

Class Rep Minutes 12.12.19

Class Rep Minutes 30.01.20

Minutes of meetings for the year 2018-2019

Parent Class Rep Minutes 18.10.18

Parent Class Rep Minutes 6.12.18

Parent Class Rep Minutes 7.02.19

Parent Class Rep Minutes 21.03.19

Parent Class Rep Minutes 16.05.19

Parent Class Rep Minutes 11.07.19

Minutes of meetings for the year 2017-2018

Parent Class Rep Minutes 02.11.17

Parent Class Rep Minutes 07.12.17

Parent Class Rep Minutes 01.02.18

Parent Class Rep Minutes 22.03.18

FINAL School Communications Code of Conduct – March 2018

Parent Class Rep Minutes 17.05.18

Parent Class Rep Minutes 21.06.18

Parent Class Rep Minutes 19.07.18