Dear Families

On this page we will post policies and procedures related to the current pandemic.

The guidance is clear that an individual should only seek a test if they have one or more of the main COVID symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • loss or change to sense of smell or taste (or as directed to by a medical professional, at the request of a local council or as part of the government pilot project).

The guidance is also clear that if an individual has one or more of those symptoms then they must isolate (stay at home and don’t have any visitors) and get a test as soon as possible. 

The NHS has provided explanations for each of the main symptoms, which can be found via this  link

 Risk Assessment for Full Opening 

This builds on the learning to date and practices already developed. It considers the additional risks and control measures that we will need to return to full capacity.

Our Risk Assessment enables us to open to everyone safely based on current government advice and what we already know from opening to 86% of our school population last term.

We will continue to monitor the situation regularly and the Risk Assessment will be monitored to ensure that the controls are:

  • Effective
  • Working as Planned
  • Updated appropriately considering any issues identified and changes in public health advice


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 Addendum to our Behaviour Regulation Policy

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 Infection Control Policy

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Physical Distancing Policy

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Contingency Plan – there are still aspects to be completed 

 Contingency Plan_199x240

 Remote Learning Policy – there are still aspects to be completed 

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